“A US spymaster inadvertently helped the Nazis develop one of the most effective disinformation campaigns of the second world war by spreading rumours about Hitler’s plans for a Where Eagles Dare-style Alpine redoubt, a historian with access to classified US military records has found.”


„Das Koch-Wiki ist eine der größten deutschsprachigen, freien und unabhängigen Sammlungen von Koch- und Backrezepten, Mixgetränken und vielem mehr.“


Koch-Wiki www.kochwiki.org

«„Wie würde Berlin aussehen, wenn die (Partei Einfügen), 100 Jahre lang regiert hätte“ laut KI»


“Level-Up is a Laravel package introducing gamification into your applications. Users earn experience points (XP) and levels through interactions, while also unlocking achievements. It promotes engagement, competition, and fun through its dynamic leaderboard feature. Customisable to fit your specific needs.”


“Download, Customize, Edit and Personalize. Over 100k+ open source icons”


“If you've ever looked at the SVG code for an icon before, you might have noticed that they're usually made up of a bunch of path elements, each with a cryptic d attribute.

If you're anything like me, you might've glossed over this attribute in the past, assuming they're nothing more than the output of your designer's favorite vector graphics editor.

While, er, that may be true, it's also a bit of an oversimplification.”


An easy to setup and extensible DIY LED Matrix status display built with a 8x32 RGB LED panel, all implemented with esphome.io


A set of dot matrix fonts in the style of TFL's Underground network. Each font weight represents a unique typeface featured on TFL arrivals boards and rolling stock led announcement boards.


„In den folgenden Abbildungen werden Dürreintensitäten und Dürremagnituden in der Vegetationsperiode (April bis Oktober) für jede 4x4km Gridzelle für die Jahre 1952 - 2022 gezeigt.“


System font stack CSS organized by typeface classification for every modern OS

The fastest fonts available. No downloading, no layout shifts, no flashes — just instant renders.


Modern Font Stacks modernfontstacks.com

“Anime.js is a lightweight JavaScript animation library with a simple, yet powerful API. It works with CSS properties, SVG, DOM attributes and JavaScript Objects.”


anime.js animejs.com